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"Yoga is like music:

the rhythm of the body,

the melody of the mind,

and the harmony of the soul

create the symphony of  life."

B.K.S. Iyengar

What People Are Saying


I was very apprehensive about trying yoga but really wanted to.  I ran into Michelle and she talked me into coming to her class.  I have been going for over 3 years now.  She's a terrific teacher, who shows modifications for all levels.  She's professional but also knows how to have fun and not take life so seriously.  She ends each class  with spiritual guidance and inspiration.  The benefits you will receive from this class is life changing.  The strength, increased balance, new ability to listen to your body and control of your "monkey mind" are just a few!   Michelles's classes are a community of new found friends, not strangers that you happen to see a couple times a week.   If you ever thought about trying yoga, do it.  Come to her classes, you will love it .


My wife began yoga practice about 3 years ago, and had such a positive experience and response that I thought I should give it a try too.  Not to overdramatize, but I can honestly describe yoga as a life changing experience for me.  I began with goals of overall health and fitness, which I experience, but was pleasantly surprised by the relaxation and meditative aspects and their impact on me.  I operate in a high stress work environment, and yoga has helped me "dial down" from a hectic day, re-focus on body and mind, which I know is beneficial to my health and well-being.  So life changing is an accurate description.  I say to everyone that I encounter - give it a try!  Yoga is fantastic - for physical and mental health and wellness.  I plan on being a practitioner for life!

Thank you so much for introducing me to this great practice.  You are motivating, and a great guide to the many levels of yoga practice.  You inspire us all every practice! 



My girlfriend and I decided to give yoga a try.  Three years later we are still going and our husbands have joined us too.  The "Yoga for Weight Loss Class" is our Monday and Wednesday routine.  We love, love it!  This is not just a class of participants, we have all become a group of friends who look forward to seeing each other every week.  The practice of yoga has changed my way of thinking and living and has increased strength, flexibility, and focus.  I have discovered that a regular practice of yoga also helps me deal with stress much better.  Things like my breathing, posture, living in the present moment allow me to leave each class feeling positive.  It allows me to push my body and try new things each night.  Michelle is great at giving us options with each posture according to how our bodies feel on our mat.  Everyone should give this a try.  Come, join in. 

We are waiting for you!

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